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Aluminum extrusions PVC-u is much stronger, stronger, more stable and longevity than horns. The life of an aluminum window is shown as 40 years, while the PVC-u windows need to be changed in 25 years. 100% recyclable, natural and environmental. 95% energy saving is provided for recycling. That is, the energy used for recycling is only 5% of the energy consumed for primary production. 80 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions are saved from the recycling of aluminum scrap. Lead, mercury, etc. Toxic and carcinogenic substances.
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Ozsu Aluminum is an aluminum extrusion press company. Ozsu Aluminum has been manufacturing aluminum extrusion profiles since 2012. Ozsu today has a wide range of domestic and export markets. Such as automotive, machinery and equipment, electrical electronics, air conditioning and ventilation industry, medicine, food, construction, advertising, lighting, defense industry and furniture industry, Extrusion Presses with a capacity of 900 tons, 1460 tons and 2000 tons.
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