Plastic injection
What is Plastic Injection? How is it Done? The process of melting plastic raw material at high temperature and injecting it into a mold is called plastic injection. The production method with plastic injection is widely used in industrial areas. Various equipment, including the smallest and the biggest parts in our daily lives, are produced with plastic injection process. The plastic injection process has been carried out by plastic injection machines since the early 1900's. Today, these machines are integrated with computer systems and they produce using the latest technologies. Injection machines usually consist of a clamp, injection part, and a mold part. The clamp section is the part where the molten plastic raw material compressed under pressure. This part is also the part that performs male-female alignment which is considered as two parts of the mold. The injection phase occurs at the relevant part of the machine. The plastic raw material in the form of granules is in the container in the injection unit. The raw material, which is heated to the high temperature by electric heaters, is melted and pushed to the mold section in the clamp part. This process continues as injection process until the sufficient raw material is melted to fill the mold. After the plastic material is injected and completely filled the mold, it tries to escape backwards from the entry point in the second phase. This may lead to faults, sink marks, deformation or undesired malformation in the material. In order to prevent this movement, the holding pressure is applied after the injection pressure. The application period of the holding pressure can vary depending on the nature of the raw material used, the size and the weight of the part. The solidification process of the mold is performed by cooling the melted base completely filled with the mold and stabilized with the holding pressure. After cooling, which is the last stage of plastic injection application, the product can be taken from the mold and used. Usually, Firmen pay attention to ensure that the requested product is delivered without fault and error-free by carrying out operations such as trimming and adjustment on the prepared product. Plastic injection applications are being used in an increasing technological infrastructure today and enable different operations.

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